The Future Home

Chances are when you think of satellite TV, you don’t think about your computer. You most likely don’t think about music, either. In fact, chances are good that you think about little more than the availability of channels or what you’ll watch on TV tonight after dinner with the family.

However, there is good reason to look deeper into the technology behind your TV programming. Why is this? There is an excellent chance that, in the near future, your home will be powered by satellite technology in ways that you may not be able to imagine.

What’s on the horizon? How will the (not so distant) future home be powered by satellite technology? The roots of the coming revolution can already be seen, thanks to ongoing research and development on the part of satellite providers. These offer a dramatic change to the way in which you watch TV, use your computer, watch movies and more. Here’s a brief rundown of what the future may hold for your home.

First, expect the computer and the TV to merge into a single unit, though perhaps with several different monitors located throughout the home. It is already possible to watch TV on your computer monitor, program your DVR over the Internet and even stream pay-per-view movies to your laptop. However, in the future the distinction between TV and computer will be somewhat vague (and might not exist at all). Development and research in the area has already yielded a means to hook your satellite TV directly to the computer, allowing you to watch something different on the monitor and TV at the same time. You can even use your hard drive like a DVR. However, as the line between computer and TV blurs, expect manufacturers to jump on the chance to merge these entities into a single unit.

In fact, there are already solutions on the market that can transform all the disparate systems in your home into a single entity. For instance, by connecting fixtures with smart technology to your home computer system (which will actually run throughout the home), you can revolutionize the way you live. You can control your lights through the computer, your refrigerator, turn on your oven, set the TV to record and even lock or unlock your doors. Expect to see these systems in the near future; it’s also likely that these all-encompassing systems will control your home security, as well. Expect to see some unlikely bedfellows (corporately speaking) in the coming years.

Of course, these developments cut out the cable company. Because cable companies have been slow or unwilling to adopt emerging technology, (some are still analog!), the satellite companies have stepped up to the plate. Does this mean that the cable companies will fall away and go the way of the dinosaurs? While only time will tell if the cable company will become a thing of the past, all signs point to satellite providers as being the future of the average home.