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Examples of Fun Teambuilding Exercises in Singapore

Managers of various businesses have looked for ways to get rid of the tension in the working environment and enhance social relationships between employees for a while now. Teambuilding activities one of the strategies used to achieve good working relationships. The intention of teambuilding activities is to create an environment that employees interact outside the normal work environment and situation. This way, people get a chance to interact and know each other outside of work. Teambuilding also is a very helpful motivating factor especially because it shows concern on the part of the management towards employees. Communicating outside of work tends to relieve tension and at the end of the day opens the channels for employees are different management levels to communicate openly. Generally, teambuilding activities provide a way to release tension and to relax and also helps to identify the culture of certain organizations.

In Singapore, you will find associations offering services of taken a team through teambuilding exercises. Companies such as fun Empire were good example of a company that organizes workshops for teambuilding exercises. If you hire such a firm, you enjoy the advantage of speedy service, worry free planning and professional delivery of services. Storytelling is one of the activities available under fun Empire. Relieving stress and relaxing and to let employees interact with each other is the main intention of this exercise. As they tell stories, good communication and creativity is fostered. Storytelling is also an activity that promotes concentration and patience.

Escape room games is the other activity. This works through participants working together to solve a puzzle and being able to get out of a room. At the end of it you have to bond, work together and use your brains critically. Every participant at some point gets a chance to rely on their partners to solve a certain puzzle.

Icebreaker questions are also an activity that can be done in teambuilding and usually it’s a is to make employees enjoy each other’s company. Usually, these icebreakers elicit laughter and brings a relaxed environment kind of meeting. There is also this competing game known as Defend the egg where you are supposed to make sure that your egg does not break.

The fun Empire also has art jamming for teambuilding. In this particular activity, the team draws a picture together. This activity is intended to foster creativity, natural patience and encourage interactions among partners or participants. This is the part where everyone unleashes their ideas and gives the input in hopes that they will be accepted. This activity is good for helping to appreciate people’s opinions and ideas, developing patience and encouraging creativity.

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