Future Home Based Business Ideas

Create a Business Opportunity with a Computer and the Internet. Considering the economy, you want to start a business to make extra income without spending a lot of money to do so. Here are five business ideas you can use with little more than a computer and a good Internet connection.

1. Freelance Website Design

Freelance website designers build sites for all kinds of clients, including insurance agencies, artists, interior decorators and oil and gas companies. These websites can range in size and can be worked on during flexible hours.

2. Online Research Service

More and more professionals and small businesses are outsourcing research for their projects. With an online research service, these companies contract someone like you to search the Internet for facts, studies, news and articles on their behalf.

3. Professional Blogging

Almost every business or service provider uses a blog as a way of sharing information and expertise and connecting with their customers. Many of these professionals also require someone to help them write these blog posts. If you like writing for the web and have some expertise in a certain area, this could be a good business opportunity for you.

4. Transcription

Professionals in the medical and legal fields often need help transcribing their work. A transcriptionist listens to recorded notes and types them into a document. Transcription work is ideal for people who have medical or legal experience.

5. Accounting Service

Every business needs accounting help, but some are too small or don’t have the budget to hire someone full time. With a home-based accounting service, you can put an accounting background to work for one or many different clients in areas such as bookkeeping, tax returns and payroll.