A Glimpse Of My Future Home

Mystery stories rank high on my list of books that I enjoy reading, because I love the suspense and problem solving situations. In this article we are trying to imagine and visualize what our heavenly home will be like. None of us have seen even a glimpse of Heaven but the Bible does make mention of some details. All of us have certain expectations and try to put eternity into our finite minds. Let us be cautious and not allow our visualizations to run wild. The Master while on earth told the disciples that He was going to prepare a place for us in His Father’s house, where there are many mansions. His promise to all of us is that He will come again to take us home. This is our hope and joy as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Young and old alike we are all excited about going to Heaven and living with our risen Savior. In some cultures the bridegroom prepares a home for his bride after they have decided to marry. During the waiting period the bride prepares her torso and looks forward to the arrival of her lover. Today we who are bought by His blood are waiting for our Heavenly Bridegroom. We know that His promise to return is very imminent. What are we doing to welcome Him? What are our dreams and aspirations as we contemplate His return? What a glorious sight that will be to see Him face to face. Imagine the angels waiting to receive the saints. As we fly up into the clouds and our bodies are changed in the twinkling of an eye, we will become glorified, immortal like our Lord. Can any one of us comprehend this miracle? I admit I want to see the future as an open book but God in His wisdom has not revealed some of these mysteries, probably due to our earthly limitations.

In the book of Revelation, John the apostle has recorded a vivid description of his vision while exiled on the Isle of Patmos. We need to prayerfully read this section to understand the details of Jesus our Risen Lord and the wonderful scenes in Heaven. It explains the worship by the Redeemed, the opening of the Book, the rewards given and so much more. When we approach the throne, we will prostrate at His feet and lay our crowns, (if we get any) before Him, because He is worthy of our all. All glory, majesty and power belong to the Lamb that was slain before the foundation of the world. My desire to read mystery books has challenged me to read the Book of Revelation over and over again. It does give me hope for the future and the promise that my Lord will come back to take me home to a place where there is joy for evermore.

Children love to listen when interesting stories are read to them or vocalized with some dramatic gestures. Pictures of heaven are often portrayed to them so that they would decide to follow Jesus, with angels in white wearing golden crowns, streets of gold, a choir in perfect harmony, mansions, harps, and everything that is joyful with Him in the midst. No more sickness, sorrow or separation but to live for ever and for ever like the angels. Indeed it will be a glorious experience. We need to tell others about Heaven and how they can join us to enjoy eternal bliss with Jesus Christ our Redeemer. Revelation chapters 4 and 5 will satisfy your curiosity, read it and prepare for the future.