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How Bad Will Foreclosure Affect Future Home

As far as future home purchases foreclosure will affect your ability to buy a home for up to seven years. Mortgage lenders will especially be leery of a client with a previous foreclosure on their record. Once the seven year time period has elapsed there will be no record of the foreclosure.

Some mortgage companies, however, will lend to you after about five years of a clean credit history following the foreclosure. In this case you would have to prove a very stable work history, provide legitimate reasoning for the previous foreclosing, and have a stable credit history since the incident. If a loan is granted at that point, you can expect the interest rate to be very high; however you will have a chance to refinance your loan once the foreclosure falls off your record.

There are some immediate affects to consider when facing a foreclosure. Your credit score will be adversely affect immediately after your first missed payment. If the house that is being foreclosed is your primary residence you will need to find a place to rent to you once the foreclosure process has commenced. This may prove difficult as most landlords rely on credit reports to determine the reliability of their tenants.

The best course of action is to make sure you are current on everything except the mortgage payments. You can then explain to the landlord that your mortgage payments were way more significant than the rent you will be paying them. Seeing that you are responsible with all of your other debts may persuade them to give you chance. You may be turned down by several landlords so make sure you give yourself enough time to make other living arrangements.

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Prepare Your Future Home Against

When people think about their future home, they always yearn to have outdoor rooms. They desire their patio to be converted to an outdoor dining place. Some would love to have an extra living room by the porch while others would want another area for entertaining in the deck. If you wish to have such outdoor rooms in your home later on, you should think about the different conditions in the outdoors and be ready and prepared for certain circumstances.

The patio, deck and porch are all situated in the exterior confines of the home. They are prone and subject to the different outdoor conditions. One of them is the cold outdoor environment. It is important that while you’re at the planning stages of your home, you should think about certain remedies that will help you combat the cold temperature outside. One of the tools you can use is a natural gas patio heater.

A natural gas patio heater can provide you a very convenient source of heat. Typically, people tend to make camp fires or fire pits in the past. Using this equipment will save you all the trouble and will provide you leverage against the cold.

It is important that when you choose a natural gas patio heater you should have a smart plan in place. They should be thought of at the construction phase of the home. This is necessary so you can strategically place the pipes around your home and through your walls. This will enable you to mount your heaters on the ceiling of your roofed decks or porches or have them mounted on your patio walls. Running the pipes on a later time will cost you some costly installation fees. A great advantage of this type of heater is that it is considerably cheaper to operate plus you will have a steady and unlimited supply of natural gas to allow your patio heater to do an all-nighter.

The Future Home

Chances are when you think of satellite TV, you don’t think about your computer. You most likely don’t think about music, either. In fact, chances are good that you think about little more than the availability of channels or what you’ll watch on TV tonight after dinner with the family.

However, there is good reason to look deeper into the technology behind your TV programming. Why is this? There is an excellent chance that, in the near future, your home will be powered by satellite technology in ways that you may not be able to imagine.

What’s on the horizon? How will the (not so distant) future home be powered by satellite technology? The roots of the coming revolution can already be seen, thanks to ongoing research and development on the part of satellite providers. These offer a dramatic change to the way in which you watch TV, use your computer, watch movies and more. Here’s a brief rundown of what the future may hold for your home.

First, expect the computer and the TV to merge into a single unit, though perhaps with several different monitors located throughout the home. It is already possible to watch TV on your computer monitor, program your DVR over the Internet and even stream pay-per-view movies to your laptop. However, in the future the distinction between TV and computer will be somewhat vague (and might not exist at all). Development and research in the area has already yielded a means to hook your satellite TV directly to the computer, allowing you to watch something different on the monitor and TV at the same time. You can even use your hard drive like a DVR. However, as the line between computer and TV blurs, expect manufacturers to jump on the chance to merge these entities into a single unit.

In fact, there are already solutions on the market that can transform all the disparate systems in your home into a single entity. For instance, by connecting fixtures with smart technology to your home computer system (which will actually run throughout the home), you can revolutionize the way you live. You can control your lights through the computer, your refrigerator, turn on your oven, set the TV to record and even lock or unlock your doors. Expect to see these systems in the near future; it’s also likely that these all-encompassing systems will control your home security, as well. Expect to see some unlikely bedfellows (corporately speaking) in the coming years.

Of course, these developments cut out the cable company. Because cable companies have been slow or unwilling to adopt emerging technology, (some are still analog!), the satellite companies have stepped up to the plate. Does this mean that the cable companies will fall away and go the way of the dinosaurs? While only time will tell if the cable company will become a thing of the past, all signs point to satellite providers as being the future of the average home.

How Bankruptcy Affects Future Home

Personal bankruptcy is the most common type of bankruptcy. Lots of ordinary people are unable to keep up with their debts especially when they have lost their jobs or maybe because of serious illness. Problems in personal relationship that have altered ones ability to function normally can also be one of the root causes of this problem. As you can see, this is not a pleasant situation. A person undergoing bankruptcy can have lots of troubles like being chased by different people.

Under the law, filing for bankruptcy is legal. People are allowed to file for it once in every 6 years. However, it can only be applicable to your current debt and not other debts that you will incur after the filing.

Filing for bankruptcy may have its own advantages. This is one way to stop creditors, IRS and landlords pursuing their collections. The court would order an automatic stay so that no one can sue or run after a person’s properties and stop all forms of harassment. Although this may sound good for those who are fully impaired in paying their debts, it also has a negative impact financially. One of which is their future major purchases like buying a home.

Effects to Future Home Purchases

There are different ways to buy a home. One is by paying it in full. The other one is by getting it financed. In reality, paying in full rarely happens. Most people get their homes by paying cash as a down payment and the rest is usually financed by obtaining mortgage.

You probably know by now that getting mortgage is affected by your credit standing. If it is good, you usually get good deals. If it is bad, the higher your rates will be. However, in the case of bankruptcy getting a deal might be impossible . Most of the lenders would reject your application if they see that you have filed for bankruptcy. Moreover, it gets more difficult for you because this will reflect on your credit standing for 10 years. In those years, it would be a struggle on your part to make any major purchases.

Redeeming credit to Purchase a New Home

What are the odds of purchasing a home despite having bankruptcy? At first, the chances are very slim. However, most people who file for bankruptcy can redeem their credit. It takes awfully a long time to do this. But once they do, they may be granted mortgage loans. However, these debts will be subjected to high rates.

Bankruptcy will be erased from their credit report after 10 years. However, it does not mean that this will be the only time they can get a loan. Although, it would be like passing through a needle hole, it is possible. To do this, they must redeem their credit first by doing the following:

1. Avoiding unmanageable debt.
2. Use of secured credit cards
3. Availing of loans for high-risk borrowers.
4. Applying for a department store credit card and paying them on time.

If you lenders have seen a good trend of payment from the recent credit, then they can grant them a loan without waiting for the removal of the bankruptcy status.